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Serious Chain Longevity

I'm a motorcycle mechanic from Vermont and I mostly ride my bike hard-ish on twisty roads in the Adirondacks. Good weather and bad. Before the Motobriiz I would lube the chain every few hundred miles and almost every time it would require some adjustment. I decided to try the briiz because it was simple and economical. After installing and with a new set of chain/sprockets, I've got about 4000 miles on the system and I don't think I've had to adjust the chain more than once in that time. Very impressed, and I recommend it to anyone who does a lot of miles.

August 26, 2019
Best Chain Oiler Available

I've use all sorts of chain oilers over my 25 years riding and this is by far the best chain oiler on the market. Not needing to bleed the system if you forget to add oil, (unlike a very well known competitors version) is great. By being able to use whatever oil you like, is also great. I just adjust the viscosity depending on the temperature. Chainsaw blade oil, mixed with engine oil works superb. My chain is also kept much cleaner with the Motobriiz system. The reservoir sits nicely under the rear pillion seat and the water trap hides away in the lefthand front cowling. The only way to better this device would be a flow rate control on the reservoir, so I didn't need to change the mixture of oils. But this is a small quibble with a great bit of kit! Well done to the whole Motobriiz team.

Jonathan Bishop
October 8, 2018
So Simple Yet It Works

I had never heard of Motobriiz, but the idea sounded good so I decided to give it a go. Fitting to the Thruxton took a little longer than most bikes probably need. This was only because the Triumph seat is bolted and the chain guide can not be removed without removing the swinging arm. I cut the guide while still fitted to the bike. Very tricky with not much access, but I managed. Fitting the kit took no more than a few minutes after that. Everything is provided. Even a little mixing stick and pad to mix the adhesive.

Over the next couple of days I did 400 miles. The chain looked wet and oily, but was this just what I had soaked the applicator pad with? No oil can be seen in the feed pipe. Off with the seat, and the reservoir was about one third empty. It works!

Keith Armstrong
August 31, 2020
No Need For Expensive O-Ring Chains With Motobriiz

O-rings keep grease inside new chains for a time but it will all escape. When it's gone, no applied lube can get inside due to those rings. Then that chain is on its way out because the critical interior lube is gone an cant be replaced. If you use a non O-ring chain the Motobriiz will supply oil to the chain that will migrate to the interior and lubricate the entire chain. So with the Motobriiz it will allow you to use the much less expensive non o-ring chains with better results. IMHO Motobriiz + Non O-ring chain is the best combo.

Kyle Schellinger
March 29, 2018
Motobriiz-Chain Oiler Review

"This bit of kit does what it says it will do, very well indeed. You can almost get away with fitting a Motobriiz to your bike and forgetting your lubrication. It’s just happening quietly, cleanly, effortlessly and efficiently as you travel to your next 1,000 mile reservoir refill stage."

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Sam Manicom- Worldwide Adventure Rider and Author
February 21, 2017
Super Chain Oiler

I have always been an enthusiastic user of chain oilers but this one takes the biscuit. Easy to install, simple in operation with no fiddly adjustments to make and good long range before refilling. Brilliant!! Also cannot thank Mike Steele enough for his fantastic customer service. Well done.

David Lombard
February 21, 2017
Great Product!

I installed the oiler kit back in the spring of this year. The installation was easy. The installation instructions were clear, and the videos were very helpful as well. Right after installing it, I gave the kit a very thorough test with a round trip ride from Indy to the Florida Keys (over 3,000 miles), I packed extra oil and only had to refill it once. It worked like a champ, and the chain was the cleanest thing on my bike. I was thrilled to come home and not have to worry about a messy chain cleanup chore. I also took a trip up to Wisconsin in July and many rides in my area since then, and the chain still looks shiny clean. The kit is holding up great as well (still looks like new). I need to replace the pad now, but that should be a "briiz". I'm so glad I have this kit on my bike. Thanks!

November 17, 2016
It Should Come Factory Fitted

After using this system for over 2000klm I think this system should come fitted from factory,it works, it's simple and not expensive, so the only reason for it not to be a original accessory,is that the chain will last longer and that's not good for sales..;-)

March 23, 2016
Can't Afford NOT To Motobriiz

Owning a motorcycle without the MotoBriiz unit is akin to owning a computer without a keyboard. Sure, you can spend countless hours manually lubing your chain with "difficult to clean" sticky spray waxes that fling all over the place or you can spend a tiny bit of money on one of these MotoBriiz units.

I was skeptical at first but after spending yet another day trying to get chain wax off my rear wheel and chain - I decided to give it a whirl. I can hands down guarantee that I will NEVER own another bike without one!

Seth James
March 1, 2016
Motobriiz Oiler

I've always kept my chain well oiled, but hate doing so on trips, and I tend to forget. This oiler solves that problem. At first I didn't think it was working, because you couldn't see any oil in the lines, but on a 600 mile camping trip, I had to top up the reservoir, and chain was oily. Yes, it has worked very well, I don't even think about oiling the chain anymore. I just have to remember to keep the bottle filled-ha ha!

January 2, 2016
Motobriiz Chain Oiler

Hi I found oiler easy to fit looks very neat only one bit of pipe showing keeps chain oiled last about 1000 miles between top ups very smart bit of kit would recommend to anyone .thanx very much Carl...

August 3, 2015
Chain Oiler

Took 5200 mile dual sport ride over varied terrain and high speed interstate with full camping load. To my disbelief I never had to adjust the chain , only service the reservoir. Will never leave home without it.

Jack Beadle
December 22, 2014