Air Zapper Deluxe Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit

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Air Zapper Deluxe Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit

You save: $-79.99 USD (100%)
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 Does Brake Bleeding Make Your Blood Boil?

Air Zapper Deluxe Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit

Are you tired of... 

  • trying to find a friend to incessantly pump your brake pedal

  • opening and closing the bleeder screw until you are blue in the face

  • incessant hand-pumping to fill your brake lines and components

  • constantly stopping the bleed to check the reservoir

  • paying a mechanic hundreds of dollars to do a simple job


Our Air Zapper vacuum brake bleeder kit has everything needed to do a professional bleed to keep your brake system air and moisture free.

Air Zapper Deluxe Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit

The Air Zapper Brake Bleeder Kit is the easiest to use brake bleeder on the market today, because...

  • there are no hand pumps or air compressors required

  • you just flip the switch and the pump works to draw the air out and fluid in

  • you supervise the operation

  • you can monitor the reservoir level without stopping the bleed

  • you can easily do a quick bleed or a full fluid replacement


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Vacuum Pump- 120 volts, 60 Hz, 2 Watts with an on/off switch in the electric cord. The plug is a USA/ Canada type plug, so adapters may be required in other countries. Max Vacuum Pressure- 100 in H2O, Capacity- 3 Liters/ Min. Fluid holding tank has a capacity of 16 ounces which is plenty of capacity for most bleeding operations.


The Air Zapper Deluxe Brake Bleeder Kit includes the vacuum pump, fluid holding tank, interconnecting tubing, brake fluid tester, and EVA carrying case. The tubing connects the vacuum pump to the fluid holding tank and to your brake system. The tubing connects to the fluid tank with quick connect fittings making assembly possible in mere seconds.