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We provide innovative automatic chain oilers for motorcycles. We harness the wind to power our oilers which makes them operate only when your bike is in motion. Because we convert the wind into pressure to power our oilers, they require no electrical power or vacuum to operate.                                              


Low Maintenance- High Reliability

Our chain oilers have no moving parts, which makes them very low maintenance and highly reliable. Once installed the only attention required is to fill the reservoir when it runs low at approximately 1,000 mile (1,600 km) intervals, and replace the chain applicator at approximately 5,000 mile (8,000 km) intervals.


Easy Installation and Clean Operation

The innovative Motobriiz design provides for easy, clean, universal installation. The flowrate has been optimized for keeping the chain lightly lubricated and your o-ring pliable to maximize chain life, while keeping oil on the chain and off the rear tire.


Low Cost of Operation and Time Saving

Continuous lubrication of your chain reduces the frequency of cleaning and adjusting 

your chain, allowing you more time to ride. The Motobriiz chain oiler requires no special oil, so your choice of oil may be obtained locally in larger quantities than are feasible to ship, saving you money. Less frequent replacement of chain and sprockets saves both time and money!


Please visit our homepage for more detailed information on our automatic chain oilers.



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