Motobriiz Cable Lube Kit

You save: $6.00 USD (37.52%)

Motobriiz Cable Lube Kit

You save: $6.00 USD (37.52%)
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Motobriiz Motorcycle Chain Oiler
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Sticky Cables?

Tired of the mess when you lube your clutch cable?

Perplexed on how to lube throttle cables?

This kit makes it so simple.

Includes Luer Luck Syringe with 4" blunt tip needle

Two 4 ml vials of cable lube

Just slip the needle between the cable and the sheath at the upper end of the cable and dispense using the syringe. Lube flows by gravity to the lower end of the cable.


No blow back! 

Make your cables last and your controls easy to operate.