Motobriiz Automatic Motorcycle Chain Oiler - Wind Powered

You save: $23.00 USD (25.0%)

Motobriiz Automatic Motorcycle Chain Oiler - Wind Powered

You save: $23.00 USD (25.0%)
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Motobriiz Motorcycle Chain Oiler
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 Riding in more than 40 countries around the world

    The Freedom of the Open Road is Calling

    After a long day of riding, are you tormented by the messy chore of cleaning and lubing your chain? We have a better way through natural automation.

      Completely Automatic

      • Our motorcycle chain oilers are powered solely by wind pressure

      • Flow naturally compensates for speed changes

      • Oil flow stops when you stop without valves or electronics

      • No moving parts to wear out for ultra-reliable performance

      • Ride more  than 1,000 miles (1,600 km) on less than an ounce (30 ml) of oil

      • See How it Works

        Clean Operation

        • Wind is collected at the front of your motorcycle to power the oiler

        • Oil is applied directly to your the inside radius of your chain for less fling

        • Optimized flow restrictor meters flow to keep a nice film of oil on your chain

          Easy Installation

          • Installs with simple tools

          • No electrical or vacuum connections required

          • See How to Install

            Greatly Reduced Chain Wear

            • Customers report riding 5,000+ miles without need for adjustment

            • Up to 4X increase in chain life

              The Motobriiz Guarantee

              • The Motobriiz Chain Oiler will pay for itself in increased chain life and decreased maintenance time or you can return it for a full refund

                Imagine a world where you actually rest at a rest stop. Sip on your favorite drink and relax knowing Motobriiz has your back.

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                  Includes: Oil absorbent mat, Compact reservoir with quick connect fittings, Air intake tube (6 ft) with adhesive mount, Oil Discharge Tube (3 ft) Chain Applicator with adhesive and prep pad